Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind as you go about your day? Are you mindful of opportunities to evangelize? Do you have tracts readily available to you for just the right moment? Do you think about how you can share with the person standing in front of you?

I use the million dollar tracts, available at, and people love them! I hand them out as I check out, go to a drive-thru window or just talking to someone. I try to be always looking for those opportunities to share the Gospel to a lost and dying world. As I look around I see folks who are lost and undone and don't even realize it. How will they hear unless we tell them?

What about opportunities with your children or family members? We must be on the lookout for those teachable moments with our kids in order to train them in godliness. Lost family members need to hear the Gospel just like others. Don't be intimidated by the fact that they are your family. We must see all lost people as lost and in need of the Gospel, no matter who they are. The masses of people in the world are literally sinking down without hope and without a Savior, undone with a load and debt of sin they must account for when they stand before God. Let's be the bearer of news; the bad news first about their sin and then give them the Good News that their debts have been paid by the greatest act of kindness; God sent His Son to pay it in full!

Be on the lookout for those moments to be like the street preachers of old! Anytime will do for anyone who will listen! Yell it from the mountain tops! Preach it on the streets! Tell it to the check-out clerk! "Be ready, in season and out"!

For His glory and the Gospel,

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