Saturday, November 25, 2006

Where have all the Titus 2 women gone?

The more I study the more I realize that many of today's Christian women have abandoned their role as laid out in Scripture. It is clear in Titus 2 that the older women are to be teaching the younger women. As I look back on my years as a youth and young woman, I made many mistakes that could have been avoided had there been a mentor in my life to guide me along the way, teaching me sound doctrine. It seems that women who have raised their children and are now in the "retirement" years, are living for themselves, to enjoy a life of travel and leisure. No where in Scripture are we commanded or told to abandon our roles as women or disciples once we have completed our child rearing. We do not retire from the Gospel. Life is not about us or our pleasure but for the spreading of the Gospel. Our lives are to adorn the Gospel.

It saddens me that older women do not have the vision of the Titus 2 mandate, to teach younger women. I see young women, moms, wives, who are desperate for someone older to teach them in the ways of godliness. They are like sponges but there is no one to teach them. I'm not talking about a "program" in church, I'm talking about one on one relationships to foster growth in one another. I'm talking about the older woman who sees the need to pass on her wisdom, insight, knowledge and depth of the Scriptures to one who is weak or immature in the faith. Especially in todays society, how can we abandon that role? How can we just sit back and watch another generation of women "just get by" spiritually and hope they learn on their own?

Where are the mentors? Where are the Titus 2 women who understand they still have much work to do for the kingdom? There is no more important time then now to teach sound doctrine when all around us are false teachings, ramblings, ear tickling, mysticism. The only way we can know God's will for us and to know Truth is to know and study His Word and to pass that on to the next generation. We must teach Scripture alone. When we instruct younger women we must adhere to Biblical teaching and principles. We must not counsel women according to what they want to hear or what we want to say. God did not leave anything out of His Word where our lives are concerned, so we must speak the Truth in love. God will honor our faithfulness to teach His Word and obey.

If you are that older woman who has abandoned your role, I challenge you to look for a younger women who you can have an influence on. Spend time with her, teach her, help her, guide her and show her what a godly woman looks like. Take her deep into God's Word to find all she needs to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Adorn the Gospel with your life by making a difference in someone else's!

For Christ and His Kingdom,