Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy!

Remember that old song we sang in Sunday school? Where is that joy supposed to be found? Down in my heart!!! I think for many Christians today their joy has gotten buried under the rubble of crumbling marriages, wayward children, broken friendships, job losses, financial ruin, etc, etc, etc. I see them walking around and their faces do not reflect what should be in their hearts. Where is their joy? They have allowed the circumstances of life to rob them of their joy, at least on their faces. The joy that comes from knowing Christ cannot be taken away. It's there forever!

The problem is people are looking in the wrong places for their fulfillment in life and it's affecting how they reflect the joy they have in Christ. We will never find our fulfillment in fallible, sinning people. They will always let us down, disappoint us, do us wrong, and so the list goes on. If we are looking for our jobs, spouses, children or anything else to fulfill our desires in life we will always come up short. The joy in Christ means nothing in this life should ever be able to keep us from experiencing that joy daily. If our eyes are on Christ and our desire is to honor Him with our lives, then nothing should keep us from experiencing joy everyday because we are looking to Him Who is the joy giver. He is the only one we have to please and if that's our goal then all other things in our lives will pale in comparison and joy will be the prominent expression on our faces each day because we are serving the King of Kings!

Does that mean we will never be sad or disappointed or not affected by our circumstances? Most certainly not! However, our reaction to those circumstances are the determining factor in how much joy we reflect. Yes, we will cry sometimes and be sad but wallowing in that circumstance is different. We will be able to get through those times with the joy still in our hearts and go on to bring God glory out of those situations.

Do people see that we turn to our precious Savior for comfort when bad things happen? Or do they see us fret, worry, wallow, or stress over the things that happen to us? What kind of testimony are we portraying? When we worry we say that we do not trust God and that our circumstance is beyond Him. Do they see a joy that nothing can rob us of no matter what happens? Do they see someone who can rest in the work of the Cross and leave our worries there? Do they see someone who is committed to giving God glory in all things? Look at your face in a mirror when things aren't quite going the way you think they should. What do you see? Can you honestly say that your hope rests in Christ? If so, no matter what He brings your way will you will rejoice and be glad, and give Him all the honor and glory?

I pray that my life will reflect that kind of joy. I pray people will always be able to see that my hope and joy is in Christ and nothing else. He is the only one that will not disappoint me and He alone can fulfill all my desires. If we are right with Christ our desires will be His desires and He has promised to give us the desires of our hearts if we seek Him. Don't let the enemy, or anyone else for that matter, rob you of the joy that's yours in Christ. Guess that old song, "Don't Worry. Be Happy" has some value!!

So, dear friend in Christ, let your joy spill out on those who see you!

For His glory,