Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grandparenting joy!

I have always heard people say if they had known how fun grandkids were they would have had them first!  I know what that means now!  By God's grace, I am now proud to call myself, "Mimi"!  Our precious granddaughter was born September 22, 2012 and we couldn't be more thrilled!  She is practically perfect!  Practically you say?  Yes, because we know that she was born a little sinner, just like her mother before her!

The one thing I have always looked forward to about being a grandparent is leaving a wonderful, godly heritage to my grandchildren.  I want to be remembered for my love for Jesus and how I took every opportunity to talk to them about Him.  Walking down the street, playing in the yard, sitting at the kitchen table and snuggling up in bed.  Oh how I long to do that with Ellie!  She is but 11 weeks old at this writing and 2500 miles away so, my interaction with her will be minimal so when I do have the privilege to actually spend time with her, it must count for Christ!

I look forward to sitting at our table with her playing with playdough and talking about how God formed her in her mothers womb and created her to glorify Him.  When we play outside we'll talk about God's beautiful creation that He spoke into existence.  Walking down the street or in a park and being reminded that we are blessed to be able to walk and talk and see everything around us.  Lying in bed snuggling up with a Bible and reading about the wonderful accounts of God's love, grace, justice, wisdom, sovereignty, love, salvation and everything contained in it.

Oh what wonderful opportunities for the Gospel with my little lamb and hopefully lambs plural!  I am blessed to be a Mimi and praying one day all my little lambs will be close so I can do all these things a Mimi should do!  I would not trade this opportunity for having my girls first as that was my greatest joy-motherhood!  I loved being home with my girls and teaching them all the things I will teach my grandkids.  God in His goodness has given me this great opportunity once again and I want to make the most of it, by His grace!

Looking upward,